Meroni is a computer adviser acting since 1993. Thanks to constant search, he has reached interesting results in the field of innovation in terms of products and results. He develops personalized softwares, showing his competence, dedication and passion in work. His objective is to contribute to the growth of firms, integrating forefront efficient computer systems that do not create problems but solve them. He guarantees his clients with 24h. availability.


The most important objective is certainly the planning of efficient software solutions to satisfy the needs of Small and Medium Enterprises.
Considering the main aspects of our purpose, it is noticeable an extraordinary attention to real needs, focusing on flexibility and on the integration of computer system ad hoc.:

  • To link business to business;
  • To control and share informations in real time between the company, the branch offices, their suppliers (provisions and production) and the sales force;
  • To optimize the level of the informations, analysing time and cost management;
  • To search the best cloud solutions with high technological content between different software platforms and hardware;
  • To Use UNIX Server Based because of his noticeable realiability;
  • To keep up to date on the platforms MAC and Microsoft and consequently linking us to the continuous evolution of the hardware: handheld, portable (Tablet, Notebook, iPad, iPhone);
  • To analyze the real needs of the customer, listening and setting a team work with the staff inside the company that will use the software.




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Adviser Analyst • Developer Software

Via Raffaello Sanzio,7
22075 Lurate Caccivio (Como) - Italy

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